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Specification technical standard Wikipedia. There are different types of specifications, which generally are mostly types of documents, forms or orders or relates to information in databases. The word specification is defined as to state explicitly or in detail or to be specific. A specification may refer to a type of technical standard the main topic of this page. Using the word specification without additional information to what kind of specification you refer to is confusing and considered bad practice within systems engineering. A requirement specification is a set of documented requirements to be satisfied by a material, design, product, or service. A functional specification is closely related to the requirement specification and may show functional block diagrams. A design or product specification describes the features of the solutions for the Requirement Specification, referring to the designed solution or final produced solution. Sometimes the term specification is here used in connection with a data sheet or spec sheet. This may be confusing. A data sheet describes the technical characteristics of an item or product as designed andor produced. It can be published by a manufacturer to help people choose products or to help use the products. PPD-Spreadsheet-example-with-automated-outline-spec-extration.jpg' alt='2004 Csi Masterformat Pdf' title='2004 Csi Masterformat Pdf' />A data sheet is not a technical specification as described in this article. A in service or maintained as specification, specifies the conditions of a system or object after years of operation, including the effects of wear and maintenance configuration changes. Specifications may also refer to technical standards, which may be developed by any of various kinds of organizations, both public and private. Example organization types include a corporation, a consortium a small group of corporations, a trade association an industry wide group of corporations, a national government including its military, regulatory agencies, and national laboratories and institutes, a professional association society, a purpose made standards organization such as ISO, or vendor neutral developed generic requirements. It is common for one organization to refer to reference, call out, cite the standards of another. Melinda_Heavrin-AW-0217-05.jpg' alt='2004 Csi Masterformat Pdf' title='2004 Csi Masterformat Pdf' />Voluntary standards may become mandatory if adopted by a government or business contract. In engineering, manufacturing, and business, it is vital for suppliers, purchasers, and users of materials, products, or services to understand and agree upon all requirements. A specification is a type of a standard which is often referenced by a contract or procurement document. It provides the necessary details about the specific requirements. Specifications may be written by government agencies, standards organizations ASTM, ISO, CEN, Do. D, etc., trade associations, corporations, and others. A product specification does not necessarily prove a product to be correct or useful. Product Specification Guide Model MSX Packaged MakeUp Air Unit with Heating andor Cooling for Outdoor or Indoor Installation CSI MasterFormat Category 23 74 33. An item might be verified to comply with a specification or stamped with a specification number This does not, by itself, indicate that the item is fit for any particular use. The people who use the item engineers, trade unions, etc. Validation of suitability is necessary. Guidance and contenteditSometimes a guide or a standard operating procedure is available to help write and format a good specification. A specification might include Descriptive title, number, identifier, etc. Date of last effective revision and revision designation. Product Guide Specification. Specifier Notes This product guide specification is written according to the Construction Specifications Institute CSI 3. A logo or trademark to indicate the document copyright, ownership and origin6Table of Contents TOC, if the document is long. Person, office, or agency responsible for questions on the specification, updates, and deviations. The significance, scope or importance of the specification and its intended use. Terminology, definitions and abbreviations to clarify the meanings of the specification78Test methods for measuring all specified characteristics. Material requirements physical, mechanical, electrical, chemical, etc. Targets and tolerances. Acceptance testing, including Performance testing requirements. Targets and tolerances. Drawings, photographs, or technical illustrations. Game Alien Shooter 2 For Pc. Workmanship. Certifications required. Safety considerations and requirements. Environmental considerations and requirements. Quality control requirements, acceptance sampling, inspections, acceptance criteria. Person, office, or agency responsible for enforcement of the specification. Completion and delivery. Provisions for rejection, reinspection, rehearing, corrective measures. References and citations for which any instructions in the content maybe required to fulfill the traceability and clarity of the document891. Signatures of approval, if necessary1. Change record to summarize the chronological development, revision and completion if the document is to be circulated internally1. Annexes and Appendices that are expand details, add clarification, or offer options. Construction specifications in North AmericaeditSpecifications in North America form part of the contract documents that accompany and govern the construction of building and infrastructure projects. Specifications describe the quality and performance of building materials, using code citations and published standards, whereas the drawings or Building Information Model BIM illustrates quantity and location of materials. The guiding master document of names and numbers is the latest edition of Master. Format. This is a consensus document that is jointly sponsored by two professional organizations Construction Specifications Canada and Construction Specifications Institute based in the United States and updated every two years. While there is a tendency to believe that Specifications overrule Drawings in the event of discrepancies between the text document and the drawings, the actual intent must be made explicit in the contract between the Owner and the Contractor. The standard AIA American Institute of Architects and EJCDC Engineering Joint Contract Documents Committee states that the drawings and specifications are complementary, together providing the information required for a complete facility. Many public agencies, such as the Naval Facilities Command NAVFAC state that the specifications overrule the drawings. This is based on the idea that words are easier for a jury or mediator to interpret than drawings in case of a dispute. The standard listing of construction specifications falls into 5. Divisions, or broad categories of work types and work results involved in construction. The divisions are subdivided into sections, each one addressing a specific material type concrete or a work product steel door of the construction work. A specific material may be covered in several locations, depending on the work result stainless steel for example can be covered as a sheet material used in Flashing and Sheet Metal in Division 0. Division 0. 5 or it can be a component of building hardware, covered in Division 0. The original listing of specification divisions was based on the time sequence of construction, working from exterior to interior, and this logic is still somewhat followed as new materials and systems make their way into the construction process.