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Arcade Games Real 2013' title='Arcade Games Real 2013' />Houston Arcade and Pinball Expo Retro. Menu News. Show Info Tickets Houston Arcade Expo Schedule Speakers and Workshops Exhibitors Swap Meet History Facebook Links Load In. Tourneys Pinball Tournament Past Winners. Cosplay Costume Contest Cosplay Past Winners. Games Games Game Judging Load In. Hotel Hotel Load In. Media. Contact. Tickets. Looking for the best free highquality games Youre in the right place. On GameHouse, youll find over 2300 great games in the most popular genres Build or buy real arcade controls for your PC or use Nintendo, Atari, Sega, other controllers Instructionsdownloads. Hauppauge Alternative Software more. Message board Become a surgeon and give different brain surgery treatments to different patients with the use o. Arcade Games Real 2013' title='Arcade Games Real 2013' />Discount Tickets available Now Save up to 1. A WEEKEND OF FUN AND FREE PLAY The Houston Area Arcade Group HAAG is holding their 1. Top Selection of Arcade Machines A Game Room is not complete without an arcade game or two. Monkeys Arcades has all the latest arcade machines at unbeatable prices. Annual Arcade Expo on October 2. Houston Northwest Crowne Plaza at Pinemont and Hwy 2. There will be over 2. There will be Tournaments, events, music and workshops to keep the young and young at heart entertained. Arcade Expo Speakers Video Game Designer Father of RAMPAGE, XENOPHOBE, GENERAL CHAOS, nearly 9. CEO of Game Refuge Inc. Multimorphic. The P3 is a modular, multi game, pinball platform that merges the physical gameplay with interactive art, modular shots, and customizable cabinet. He comes to the Houston Arcade Expo to both share his experiences and learn from others. More on his efforts can be found on his website Patrick. Scott. Patterson. Spooky Pinballis an avid pinball fan and award winning graphic designer at NASAs Johnson Space Center in Houston, TX. In 2. 01. 6, he collaborated with Dominos and Spooky Pinball as the Art Director on Dominos Spectacular Pinball Adventure. Racing Video Arcade Machines Driving Arcade Games and Speed Boat Racing Games For Sale SZ From BMI Gaming. He is currently collaborating with Houston based Paradox Arcade Systems on some custom arcade cabinet designs. Founder of the Lone Star Pinball Museum, Dan has one of the largest collections of pre DMD pinballs in the USA. Dan had consulted on many pinball books, and pictures of his machines have help chronolog the history of pinball. Publisher of the Pingame Journal magazine Jim will presented a series of video clips in his Pinball in the Media series. Its a NERD ROCK TAKEOVER. The Consortium of Genius are an industrial strength powerhouse featuring up to eight cerebral miscreants who jolt their audience into staggering submission. The resulting evil brainchild is part musical showcase, part sketch comedy, and all hi tech magicI make cool songs by reprogramming multiple Synthcarts. Band Interests dreamcicles, new underwear, mowing the lawn, stupid shit, happy mayonnaise. Chris has been fascinated with coin op gaming since seeing an EM pinball machine as a child. Constantly fasinated with the question of how does it work, he has moved that fascination into arcade gaming and electronics. Patch For Diablo 3 Ps3. Now a co host on the Arcade Repair Tips podcast, Chris shares his knowledge and experiences of not only how does it work but what to fix whent the game is broken. David started out collecting pinball and arcade games back when he was 1. South Australia. Moving to U. S. A. and picking up the pinball bug again through restoring games, found himself involved in the pinball community that lead to working with Spooky Pinball doing the dots for Rob Zombie and Dominos pinball. Erich Stinson has been repairing pinball and arcade machines for over 2. He not only maintains his collection, but helps other collectors in the Houston area with their troubleshooting. Now with the help of Chris Brooks, he is recording a monthly podcast for Arcade Repair Tips answering viewer submitted questions so that we can keep these historic amusement machines alive Arcade Repair Tips blog in 2. Crack Autocad 2012 32 Bit more. With thier keep it simple approach and positive attitude, Arcade Repair Tips gives even the most confused beginner the skills and the confidence they need to do their own repairs. Saturday at 6pm, the pinballmakerspace club, Mystic Krewe of the Silver Ball will be bringing some of their famous New Orleans hospitality to Houston, hosting a casual party with food and snacks for all attendeesCome hang out and meet fellow pinball enthusiasts, get munchies and make new friends Ben Heck, the long horn engineer. Nerd hacker couple never satisfied with the status quo, always seeking interesting enhancements and innovations. With a repertoire spanning topics from electronics restoration and design to software development, join them at HAE 2. ROM code from a real arcade game to alter graphics and change its behavior on the fly right before your eyes. Born and raised in South Texas Ryan Thauburn has been entertaining audiences with his unique brand of comedy for over a decade now. His jokes range from growing up a nerd in South Texas to the absurdity of his past relationships. Having placed in the Houstons Funniest Person Contest and made an appearance in Last Comic Standing this tall drink of Texan funny is a show you cant afford to miss.