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Cloning partitions with Clonezilla. Introduction. Clonezilla is a Debian based, open source. SymantecNorton Ghost. Acronis, etc. It can be found either as a. CD, or as part of the Parted. Magic. Linux live CD that also includes tools like GParted to manage partitions. I am trying to find a way to take an ISO image of a bootable CD and make a bootable USB flash drive from it. Has anyone done this I have found some linux versions. What does CZ provide that a regular live distro doesnt Images can be located on a local disk, or a remote host SSH, Samba. How to convert an iso image to a ghost image Tech Support How to install iso via bootable usb Tech Support Splitting A Bootable ISO Image Help Forum. Cloning partitions with Clonezilla Introduction. Clonezilla is a Debianbased, opensource cloningimaging alternative to commercial products such as SymantecNorton. Utility to copy and restore drive images to CDDVD, network, or another local drive. Open source, free download of ISO image. Free Download A Bootable USB 0. Beta Easytoconfigure program that offers support for a stepbystep approach for helping you create boota. NFSCreating a bootable Clonezilla USB key. Download the Clonezilla Live Zip file. Note The Alternative image. Ubuntu instead of Debian, the reason being that the development. Bootable Ghost Iso Image' title='Bootable Ghost Iso Image' />Debian moves slower than Ubuntu, so Ubuntu supports more hardware. On. the other hand, the alternative Ubuntu version might not work, so try both. Lxg09rC4C1k/hqdefault.jpg' alt='Bootable Ghost Iso Image' title='Bootable Ghost Iso Image' />Also. Ubuntu version takes longer to start up after the menu screen, so just. If you take a look at its LED, youll notice the USB key is actually. Extract the contents of the Clonezilla Live Zip to your USB Flash Drive. From the USB Flash Drive important, navigate to utilswin. WARNING Do NOT run the original makeboot. Restart your computer setting your BIOS or Boot menu to Boot from USB. Clonezilla USBNote If a USB keydrive doesnt boot, try using the open source and up to date. Users who have been struggling to follow our command prompt based install Windows 7 from USB flash drive and make bootable USB guides have a good reason to. I am using Ghost 11. I was able to create the USB Bootable with adding the ghost64. So I inserted a. Rufus utility to format and burn the ISO. Alternatively, theres the HP. USB Disk Storage Format Tool As of August 2. Setup. Create a bootable Clonezilla USB key faster and quieter than a CDDVDAt the first opportunity, choose to go to the command line, and type. XX to use a different keyboard layout eg. France. etc. Once root, you can run commands such as fdisk l to list. Master Boot Loader from the Master Boot Record MBR while preserving. Paragons Drive Backup Express Windows This software is the easy solution to clone your hard drive. Its comfortable to use with a sleek interface that guides. Toshiba Game Console. Partition Table within. Clonezilla includes an Open. SSH server. To connect to it from a remote. If the network isnt up, run. Clonezilla. got an IP from the DHCP server. On an empty drive, the Windows installer Only 7, or does Vista also. One 1. 00. MB to hold boot files, and a. The only way seems to be to let. MB partition. Before saving a Windows partition, its a good idea to defragment it. Also consider SID, sysprep, etc. If you intend to use Clonezilla to restore images on the same disk from. OS and sda. 2 to hold the images. If you intend to use Grub as the Master Boot Loader, ie. Grub in. the MBR, format this second partition in eg. Clonezilla USBCD into sda. Make sure the directory tree is identical, and edit sda. WindowsSet. sda. ID as NTFS in case was left as Linux 0x. OS located in first partitionrootnoverify. Windows master boot loader loads OS. Run. boot loader in sda. If you want to add a section to load Linux, and prefer to use version agnostic. Linux, create two symbolic links to point to the actual binaries, and edit. Linuxroot hd. 0,0vmlinuz. LABELinitrd bootinitrd. In case you want to install Grub in the MBR, start Linux, run grub. To tell Grub that its. To tell Grub. to install itself as Master Boot Loader in the MBRsetup hd. Once done, simply run clonezilla to resume the Clonezilla. To save whatever OS is in sda. Options. More information on important. Clonezilla Peeves. Too many steps. The UI should contain as much as possible in a single. Cant restore image in a smaller partition, even if most of the blocks. Cant restore to a partition named differently eg. Ignores keyboard locale After choosing French, Im still getting the. US keyboards later on when trying to type a new image name. Doesnt save options on USB key, forcing the user to choose them again. When choosing the wrong image to restore, cant cancel easily must. Try all over againThe web site has multiple forums mailing list, so its hard to know. Not much traffic in the forums mailing list, so youre pretty much. Mostly used to saverestore Linux partitions, so not dont expect much. Windows specific help. Tips. Clonezilla is unable to create a partition to restore an image. If you. deleted the target partition or are installing on an empty disk, create. If you recreate a partition, make sure it starts at sector 2. MBR in sector 0, or is aligned on a multiple. Advanced Disk disks Using Windows. Calculator, enter the partition start sector number, hit MOD, enter 8, and. ENTER It should read 0 if the sector number is correctly aligned. Make sure the partition is as big or bigger than the. If its bigger and the image is Windows, make sure you. NTFS partition as well. You must reboot after creating a new partition before attempting to. Clonezilla will stop with ErrorNo existing. Even running. sync a couple of times wont do it. If CZ doesnt include a driver for your network card, heres how to. USB keydrive that you used to boot CZ To create a partition on a specific start sector, use fdisk u devsd. X. cfdisk also part of util linux 2. MB. Q Arestore How to restore to a smaller partitionBy default, Clonezilla refuses to proceed. Even using the idcs Expert option. A work around is to delete and re create the target partition. Maybe its. just not a good idead to restore an image to a smaller partition even if you. CZ, and use Expert Mode to enable the idcs option. Reboot. Bunch of GRUB related errors WarningFound grub partition devsda. Not all version of grub 1 supports file system ext. FYI, partition infos as kept in mntsda. The image is start2. FSext. 4. df T confirms. So why the GRUB failureUsed fdisk to mark sda. Next, mkfs. ext. 3 devsda. CZ to restore same error. Next, wiped out MBR, CZ same error. Next, tried restoring Mint instead of Ubuntu OK. What happens if target partition has a different nameClonezillarestore What happens if target partition doesnt exist or is bigger Clonezilla will gladly restore the image, but Windows may not like it Windows. A recent hardware or software change might be the cause. To solve this, enter the shell, and resize the target partition to match. Mount the partition where you saved the Clonezilla images. Cd into the directory where the image lives, and cat sda pt. Note down the startend settings of the target partition where you want. Next, perform the following steps to deleterecreate the target partition Run fdisk u devsdaDelete the current partition. Recreate it using the start and last sector. Write changes. Exit fdisk. Run partprobeRelaunch fdisk. Set the target partition with IDNTFS and Boot flagenabled. Windows wont even try booting it up. Exit fdisk and reboot. Run Clonezilla to restore the Windows image. Steps to make before cloning Windows Download and apply all the Windows updates. Defragment the partition. Sys. Prep. only needed when restoring on a different hostHow to connect to a Windows host In case you need to sendreceive files from the Clonezilla host to a Windows. Windows partition thusly mount t cifs 1. C mntmy. xp o usernamejoe,passwordmypasswd. Does Linux care about partition type bootable No. I restored a Ubuntu 1. NTFSHPFS, and. it booted OK. Next, I removed the boot switch for that partition, and Ubuntu booted OK. Only Windows cares that a partition be marked as bootable and its type be. NTFSHPFS. Getting files from a Clonezilla host. In case you need download files from a host booted up with Clonezilla apt get updateapt get install lighttpdvi etclighttpdlighttpd. So that Lighttpd can access the. Alternativaly, you can compile and use the single EXE Mongoose. When starting SSH Could not load host key etcsshhostecdsakeyJust ignore the error, and try to connect to the Clonezilla host through. SSH. Clonezilla ships with SSH, but you must run etcinit. Make sure Clonezilla includes the driver for your network adapter, though. Does Clonezilla stable ie. Debian have an FTP client How to enable eth. To get the eth. 0 to receive an IP configuration from the DHCP server dhclient eth. How to restore to a different partitionBy default, Clonezilla will try to restore to the same partition eg. Using fdisk devsda. X, delete the partition, reboot, recreate the partition.