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VETERINARY ACCUPUNCTURE by HELLENIC HORSEBACK ARCHERY SOCIETYPublished on Aug 9, 2. A scientific manual on veterinary accupuncture. Download Dirt Estimation Chart Pdf' title='Download Dirt Estimation Chart Pdf' />McCartney is the debut album by English rock musician Paul McCartney. It was issued on Apple Records in April 1970 after McCartney had resisted attempts by his. An ocean from Ancient Greek, transc. Okeans, the sea of classical antiquity is a body of saline water that composes much of a planets hydrosphere. About Privacy Help Contact The Starfall Website is a program service of Starfall Education Foundation, a publicly supported nonprofit organization. Issuu is a digital publishing platform that makes it simple to publish magazines, catalogs, newspapers, books, and more online. Easily share your publications and get. A second study also confirmed that mounting activity occurs more frequently when cows are on dirt rather than concrete. When five estrous cows were individually. Download the free trial version below to get started. Doubleclick the downloaded file to install the software. Download Dirt Estimation Chart Pdf' title='Download Dirt Estimation Chart Pdf' />Glossary of Irrigation Terms. This document is in continuing development. You are. The terms in this Glossary are presented in an effort to provide a foundation. A next to a term indicates variables and symbols that are. Irrigation Association Education and Certification. A date in small letters indicates the date when the Certification. Board approved the term. General definitions of terms not used in mathematical. Quantitative terms have units indicating. Windows 8 Pro Product Key Download there. Three dots. at the end of a definition indicates that. Terms with strike through are non preferred. References are provided for the convenience of the reader and do. IA preferred abbreviation of symbol for the term specified. IA preferred units for the term specified. See notes at the end of this document relative to. SIAustralian units click here. AC hertz abbreviation for alternating current. AC pipe Asbestos cement pipe was commonly used for. It combines strength with light weight and is immune to. James, 1. 98. 8 No longer made. See gravity. Substance with a p. H less than 7. 0 Burt, 1. Attraction of water molecules for solid surfaces. Brady, 1. 99. 0Physical attraction of unlike substances to one another. In soils. Contractor, 1. RNa Index. of permeability problems, based upon water quality. Burt, 1. 99. 8adsorption Concentration of a substance at. Hess, 1. 99. 9advance ratio AR Ratio of the time for the water to reach. The ratio should be less than 0. Burt, Surface Irrigationadvance time minutes, sec Time required for a given stream of irrigation water to move from the. ASAE, 1. 99. 8Time required for a given surface irrigation stream to move from one point. NRCS, 1. 99. 7aeration To supply or impregnate with air. Webster, 1. 98. 1aeration capacity Volume fraction of air filled pores in. Hess, 1. 99. 9aggregate Group of primary soil particles that cohere to each other more strongly. Soil, 1. 99. 6Groups of individual soil particles, held together naturally and. The term, soil structure, refers. Various types of soil. Massive, platy, prismatic, blocky, granular. See. back flow prevention device. Outlet valve attached to the top of a pipeline. Microsoft Business Solutions Partner Source Ms on this page. ASAE, 1. 99. 8algicide Substance that will kill or control algae growth. NRCS, 1. 99. 7alkaline alkali soils Soil with p. H greater than 7. Soil, 1. 99. 6Soil with an exchangeable sodium percentage greater than 1. Burt, 1. 99. 8Soil that has sufficient exchangeable sodium alkali to interfere with. Hess, 1. 99. 9allowable depletionAD in. Portion of plant available water that is allowed for plant use prior to. See. Fig. 1 at end of document. That part of soil moisture stored in the plant root zone managed for use. NRCS, 1. 99. 7Is sometimes referred to as allowable soil depletion or allowable soil water depletion. See coefficient. allowable voltage lossAVL volts Voltage loss in a circuit or portion of a circuit which, if not exceeded. See irrigation systems. AC Current in which the flow of. Reference Manual ch. RM Unit of electrical current. The unit is used to specify the movement. Pumps, 1. 99. 61 ampere 1 coulomb per second. Negatively charged ion, which during electrolysis is. The most common anions in soil extracts and. Hess. 1. 99. 9application efficiency  See. See efficiency. application efficiency low half  See efficiency. See precipitation rate. Underground geological formation. Removing more. groundwater from an aquifer than is naturally replenished is called. Overdrafting groundwater occurs. Plains States and the West. Agriculture, 1. 99. Portion of a full circle 3. A in. 2, ft. 2,acres,ha 71. Surface included within a set of lines Webster. In irrigation, usually used to. See climate. atmospheric pressurePa psi,, ft water. Pa 71. 90. 3 Absolute pressure measured at any location. Standard atmospheric pressure at sea level is defined as 1. See backflow prevention device. See valve. available soil moisture ASM in. Difference at. any given time between the actual soil moisture content in the root zone soil. On Farm Committee, 1. AMC See available. AW, in. ft, mmmm 71. Portion of water in a soil that can be readily absorbed by plant roots. Gratis Emulators Nintendo Ds Per Psp Iso more. It is the amount of water released between in situ field capacity and the. ASAE, 1. 99. 8  See. Fig. 1 at end of document. See also available water holding. AWHC in. ft, mmmm. Preferred term is available water. AWSC in. ft, mmmm. Preferred term is  available water. Long term. historic generally 3. NRCS, 1. 99. 7AVB See atmospheric vacuum breaker. Any unwanted flow. The direction of flow under these conditions is in the reverse direction from. USC, 1. 99. 8. BPD  Safety device which prevents the flow of water from the water. ASAE, 1. 99. 8air gap  Physical separation of the supply pipe. In this case line pressure is. Therefore, a booster pump is usually needed downstream, unless the. With an air. gap there is no direct connection between the supply main and the equipment. An air gap may be used to protect against a contaminant or a pollutant, and. An air gap is the. USC, 1. 99. 8AVB. Backflow device configured with a single moving part, a float, which. Rochester, 1. 99. The AVB is always placed downstream from all shut off valves. Its air. inlet valve closes when the water flows in the normal direction. But, as. water ceases to flow the air inlet valve opens, thus interrupting the. If piping or a hose is attached to this. Hence, it would not provide the intended protection. Therefore. this type of assembly must always be installed at least six 6 inches above. Additionally, this assembly may not have. A shut off valve would keep the. The AVB may not be under continuous. An AVB must not be used for more than twelve. It may be used to protect. USC, 1. 99. 8double check assembly DC. Two internally loaded, independently operating check valves together. Additionally, there are resilient seated. The DC may be used to protect. However, this assembly is suitable for protection. USC, 1. 99. 8pressure vacuum breakerPVBBackflow device configured with a spring loaded float and an independent. Rochester, 1. 99. Check valve which is designed to close with the aid of a spring when. It also has an air inlet valve which is designed to open when. Being. spring loaded it does not rely upon gravity as does the atmospheric vacuum. This assembly includes resilient seated shut off valves and test. The PVB must be installed at least twelve 1. The PVB may be used to protect against a. It is not acceptable protection against backpressure. USC, 1. 99. 8reduced pressure principle assemblyRP, RPA, RPZ. Consists of two internally loaded independently operating check valves and a. This relief valve is designed to maintain a zone. The RP also. contains tightly closing, resilient seated shut off valves upstream and. This. assembly is used for the protection of the potable water supply from either. USC, 1. 99. 8back pressure Increase of pressure in the downstream piping system above the supply. ASAE, 1. 99. 8back siphonage  Reversal of flow backflow due to a reduction in system pressure which. ASAE, 1. 99. 8Technically, if one siphons a fluid out of a container or a pipeline, one. In the. vernacular, the unwanted fluid is sucked into the potable water line. It. is important to understand that it is not necessary for the system main to. All. that is required is a negative difference in pressure and a piece of tubing.