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Zhuhai International Circuit Wikipedia. The circuit from the main grandstand. The final corner and the pit lane entrance. Zhuhai International Circuit ZIC is located at Jin Ding town in Zhuhai City, Guangdong Province, China. Motorsport started in Zhuhai when it hosted a race on its street circuit in 1. Chinas first permanent motor race track1 with Formula One in mind. The circuit is designed by Australian company Kinhill Engineers Pty Ltd, the same group which created the Formula One circuit in Adelaide. WRC 7, the official video game of the 2017 FIA World Rally Championship WRC is available for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC Steam. The PC Digital Download. GTR2 FIA GT3 2010. The mod includes all teams of championship FIA GT3 season 2010 Add some a new car model. M00/33/2E/S36rZFMV5HiARK17AADtDL03bLw36.jpeg' alt='Download Gtr2 - Fia Gt Racing' title='Download Gtr2 - Fia Gt Racing' />Download Gtr2 - Fia Gt RacingThe racing video game genre is the genre of video games, either in the firstperson or thirdperson perspective, in which the player partakes in a racing competition. GTR2 2 GTLegends. Stock car. Aleksss, Alless, Tolik Schraubzwinge have released their Porsche 911 GT1 for GTR2, adding one of the most legendary GT cars of the late 90s to the simulation. Over 800 plugins for reading and writing 1400 game archives. Supports games from many platforms including PC, XBox, and PlayStation. Extract, replace, and rename. The project manager for the project was Michael Mc. Donough. 2The first international race held at the circuit was the BPR Global GT Series. The circuit soon became the hotbed of local motorsports with teams from Hong Kong and Macau setting up their bases inside the circuit garages. Track layouteditThe original circuit contained 1. But corners 7, 8 and 9 were eliminated after a track change request from FIM and made into one corner. The circuit is 4. The shorter straight is 5. The longest straight is the startfinish straight which is 9. Alexandre Imperatori, A1 Team Switzerlands rookie driver, suggested that there are lots of overtaking places in the circuit because of the combination of straights, hard braking areas for hairpins, tight corners, followed by and accelerating for long straights. The most successful driver on the circuit is the best one who can manage their brake wear. Zhuhai International Circuit is an FIA Grade II certified circuit. Lap recordseditThe fastest qualifying lap ever at the circuit was set by a Lola Zytek A1 Grand Prix car on the fourth round on December 1. A1 Grand Prix season. It was driven by Michael Ammermller and managed a lap of 1 2. However, this is not considered the lap record since lap records are taken from racing laps and not qualifying. The fastest unofficial lap ever at the circuit was set by a 2. Panoz DP0. 1 Champ Car on November 3. It was driven by Roberto Moreno, it managed a lap of 1 2. Russian Age Racings Aston Martin DBR9 at ZIC. Download Gtr2 - Fia Gt Racing' title='Download Gtr2 - Fia Gt Racing' />Download Gtr2 - Fia Gt RacingZhuhai International Circuit ZIC is located at Jin Ding town in Zhuhai City, Guangdong Province, China. Motorsport started in Zhuhai when it. The fastest GT1 lap time is set by Porsche 9. GT1 with Porsche AG team in 1. BPR Global GT Series Round 1. Zhuhai 4hrs. The time was 1 3. The fastest lap ever on a Motorcycle was set at Pan Delta 1. Superbike race was taken by splitlath team. Winning all 6 races, Splitlath rider Mark Aitchison smashing ZIC Superbike lap record 1 3. EBR RS 1. 19. 0Fastest GT3 lap of 1 3. Ferrari 4. 58 Italia GT3 in Asian Le mans Series 2. Zhuhai. 6Event organizereditZhuhai International Circuit Co Ltd is also a prominent motorsport event organizer and promoter in China. It has organized and promoted the FIA GT Championship in China and in 2. China Motorcycle Sports Association to promote the inaugural China Superbike Championship. National raceseditZhuhai International Circuit is the promoter of the China Superbike Championship, established in 2. China Motorcycle Sports Association, CMSA. ZIC also organizes the Circuit Hero and Circuit Hero GT race series, which allows citizens of the Peoples Republic of China to participate. HTCC and MTCCeditPaul Poon leads Kenneth Look in the rain at ZIC during a Hong Kong Touring Car Championship race. The Hong Kong Touring Car Championship and the Macau Touring Car Championship both run the majority of their races at ZIC since they began. Asian raceseditThe Asian Festival of Speed AFOS was held at the circuit from October 2. October 2. 2, 2. 00. AFOS has been held at the circuit many times since its inception in 1. The Asian Formula Three Championship is also hosted by the circuit annually. In addition, the FIM Asia Road Racing Championship race at ZIC in December annually. Formula One ambitionseditZIC was included in the provisional 1. F1 calendar. But the circuit subsequently lost its place in the calendar after failing to meet the international standards set by the FIA. F1 subsequently races in Shanghai International Circuit. Endurance World ChampionshipeditIn May 2. Endurance World Championship. Zhuhai 6 Hours race was held at the circuit. This was the first time an international motorcycle race was held at the circuit. The race was won by GMT 9. Racing. 1. 0FIA GT ChampionshipeditIn 1. ZIC welcomed the new FIA GT Championship. In 1. 99. 9, the circuit held the FIA GT Championship again, after that the circuit went quiet on the international scene for 5 years. Maseratis leading the FIA GT Championship race at Zhuhai in 2. In November 2. 00. FIA GT Championship was staged. On 1. 4 November 2. Maserati MC1. 2s of AF Corse scored a 1 2 at the track. The FIA GT Championship was staged from October 2. October 2. 3, 2. 00. GPLK Corvette C5 R won the race. The Gruppe. M Porsches won GT2. The Hong Kong Le Mans Team and the Malaysian Proton R3 Amprex team also took part. The FIA GT Championship race has been postponed to 2. March 2. 00. 7 from October 2. Shanghai F1 Grand Prix in early October and the Macau Grand Prix in the middle of November. The race was won by All Inkl. Lamborghini Murcilago R GT, driven by Christophe Bouchut and Stefan Mucke. GT2 class was won by AF Corses Ferrari F4. GT2, with Dirk Mller and Toni Vilander at the wheel. A1 Grand PrixeditA1 Team China racing at Zhuhai International Circuit in the 2. A1. GP race at ZIC. Zhuhai International Circuit staged the fourth round of the 2. A1 Grand Prix season on December 1. The Sprint race was won by Michael Ammermller of Team Germany and the Feature race was won by Narain Karthikeyan of Team India. On October 1. 3, 2. Executive Deputy General Manager of Zhuhai International Circuit, Stewart Tan said he welcome A1 Grand Prix return to the circuit on November 1. However, the series has more races were cancelled, with an announcement made on 5 November 2. China and Malaysia was not taking part. Le Mans Intercontinental Cupedit. Intercontinental Le Mans Cup race start at ZIC. On 1. 0 June 2. 01. ACO announced that the Chinese round of the 2. Le Mans Intercontinental Cup The 1. Zhuhai, will be held at Zhuhai International Circuit on 7 November. On 1. 3 November 2. ACO organized the 2. Hours of Zhuhai at Zhuhai International Circuit as the finale of the 2. Intercontinental Le Mans Cup season. Super GT ambitionseditIn 2. GT Association, the organizer of Super GT, announced on 2. May that an All Star race in China, scheduled for 4 to 6 October at ZIC. But on 5 August 2. JGTC announced that the race was cancelled, for reasons related to the Chinese organizer. Praetorians 2 Full Version. Champ CareditA multi year deal was announced in 2. American racing series to China. On 3. 0 November 2. Roberto Moreno made history as he took the 2. DP0. 1 Champ Car on track at the Zhuhai Circuit, marked the first time and also the last time a Champ Car had run in China. Then the series had problems with its promoter, which settled in a court in the US, and replaced them with a new promoter. The new promoter did not have enough time to organize the race on the original May date and so the race was provisionally moved to October 2. When the series failed to get F. I. A. approval for the October date the 2. The series was looking to race in Zhuhai for the 2. Indy Racing League but most of the speculation had died down. OwnershipeditOn 2 October 2. Dragon Hill Corporation Ltd, part of LBS Bina Group, exercised its option to buy Lamdeal Investment Ltd, which is involved in managing Zhuhai International Circuit Ltd ZICL, for US1.