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S. led bombing campaign since the American War in Vietnam entered its 3. Marine Corps Gen. D/0000005619.1024x768.jpg' alt='Empire Total War Key Code Serial Number' title='Empire Total War Key Code Serial Number' />Joe Dunford, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, meets with members of the coalition at a forward operating base near Qayyarah West, Iraq, April 4, 2. Do. D Photo by Navy Petty Officer 2nd Class Dominique A. PineiroThe Airwars monitoring group has compiled reports of 1,2. U. S. and allied warplanes in April 1,6. Iraq and 6. 28 on Syria. The heaviest casualties were in and around Old Mosul and West Mosul, where 7. D/0000005611.1024x768.jpg' alt='Empire Total War Key Code Serial Number' title='Empire Total War Key Code Serial Number' />Tabqa in Syria also suffered heavy civilian casualties. In other war zones, as I have explained in previous articles here and here, the kind of passive reports of civilian deaths compiled by Airwars have only ever captured between 5 percent and 2. Iraqbodycount, which used a similar methodology to Airwars, had only counted 8 percent of the deaths discovered by a mortality study in occupied Iraq in 2. Airwars appears to be collecting reports of civilian deaths more thoroughly than Iraqbodycount 1. For instance, in some cases, it has counted local media reports of many deaths as a minimum of one death, with no maximum figure. This is not to fault Airwars methods, but to recognize its limitations in contributing to an actual estimate of civilian deaths. Allowing for various interpretations of Airwars data, and assuming that, like such efforts in the past, it is capturing between 5 percent and 2. U. S. led bombing campaign since 2. The Pentagon recently revised its own facetious estimate of the number of civilians it has killed in Iraq and Syria since 2. That is less than a quarter of the 1,4. Airwars has positively identified by name. Airwars has also collected reports of civilians killed by Russian bombing in Syria, which outnumbered its reports of civilians killed by U. S. led bombing for most of 2. However, since the U. S. led bombing escalated to over 1. Airwars reports of civilians killed by U. S. led bombing have surpassed reports of deaths from Russian bombing. Because of the fragmentary nature of all Airwars reports, this pattern may or may not accurately reflect whether the U. S. or Russia has really killed more civilians in each of these periods. There are many factors that could affect that. For example, Western governments and NGOs have funded and supported the White Helmets and other groups who report civilian casualties caused by Russian bombing, but there is no equivalent Western support for the reporting of civilian casualties from the Islamic State held areas that the U. S. and its allies are bombing. If Airwars reporting is capturing a greater proportion of actual deaths in one area than another due to factors like this, it could lead to differences in the numbers of reported deaths that do not reflect differences in actual deaths. Shock, Awe and Silence. To put the 7. 9,0. U. S. and its allies have bombarded Iraq and Syria since 2. Shock and Awe in March 2. As NPR reporter Sandy Tolan reported in 2. Iraq would have, the non nuclear equivalent of the impact that the atomic weapons dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki had on Japan. At the start of the U. S. invasion of Iraq in 2. President George W. Bush ordered the U. S. military to conduct a devastating aerial assault on Baghdad, known as shock and awe. When Shock and Awe was unleashed on Iraq in 2. But after eight years of disguised, quiet, media free war under President Obama, the U. S. mass media dont even treat the daily slaughter from this heavier, more sustained bombardment of Iraq and Syria as news. They cover single mass casualty events for a few days, but quickly resume normal Trump Show programming. As in George Orwells 1. Is that still a thing Isnt North Korea the big issue nowThere is almost no political debate in the U. S. over the rights and wrongs of the U. S. bombing campaign in Iraq and Syria. Never mind that bombing Syria without authorization from its internationally recognized government is a crime of aggression and a violation of the U. N. Charter.  The freedom of the United States to violate the U. N. Charter at will has already been politically not legally normalized by 1. Yugoslavia in 1. 99. Afghanistan and Iraq, to drone strikes in Pakistan and Yemen. So who will enforce the Charter now to protect civilians in Syria, who already face violence and death from all sides in a bloody civil and proxy war, in which the U. S. was already deeply complicit well before it began bombing Syria in 2. In terms of U. S. U. S. regimes have claimed that their unconstrained violence is legally justified by the Authorization for the Use of Military Force passed by the U. S. Congress in 2. But sweeping as it was, that bill said only,That the President is authorized to use all necessary and appropriate force against those nations, organizations, or persons he determines planned, authorized, committed or aided the terrorist attacks that occurred on September 1. United States by such nations, organizations or persons. How many of the thousands of civilians the U. S. has killed in Mosul in the past few months played any such role in the September 1. Every person reading this knows the answer to that question probably not one of them. If one of them was involved, it would be by sheer coincidence. Any impartial judge would reject a claim that this legislation authorized 1. Nuremberg rejected the German defendants claims that they invaded Poland, Norway and the U. S. S. R. to prevent or preempt imminent attacks on Germany. U. S. officials may claim that the 2. Iraq AUMF legitimizes the bombardment of Mosul. That law at least refers to the same country. But while it is also still on the books, the whole world knew within months of its passage that it used false premises and outright lies to justify overthrowing a government that the U. S. has since destroyed. The U. S. war in Iraq officially ended with the withdrawal of the last U. S. occupation forces in 2. The AUMF did not and could not possibly have approved allying with a new regime in Iraq 1. Caught in a Web of War Propaganda. Do we really not know what war is Has it been too long since Americans experienced war on our own soil Perhaps. But as thankfully distant as war may be from most of our daily lives, we cannot pretend that we do not know what it is or what horrors it brings. Photos of victims of the My Lai massacre in Vietnam galvanized public awareness about the barbarity of the war. Photo taken by U. S. Army photographer Ronald L. HaeberleThis month, two friends and I visited our Congresswomans office representing our local Peace Action affiliate, Peace Justice Sustainability Florida, to ask her to cosponsor legislation to prohibit a U. S. nuclear first strike to repeal the 2. AUMF to vote against the military budget to cut off funding for the deployment of U. Hot Wheels Stunt Track Driver Iso. S. ground troops to Syria and to support diplomacy, not war, with North Korea.