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Wells Fargo Failed To Refund Insurance Money To People Who Paid Off Car Loans Early Report. Farm Frenzy 6 Full Version here. Wells Fargo is already facing a blitz of litigation and regulatory scrutiny after the bank announced it would reimburse 8. Now, Wells is facing a new inquiry for failing to refund insurance money as required to people who paid off car loans early, according to The New York Times. Last week, Wells Fargo announced it would reimburse 8. Read more Read. The newest probe is being handled by the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco, the Times reports, and it involves guaranteed auto protection insurance, which is intended to protect a lender against the fact that a carthe collateral for its loanloses significant value the moment it is driven off the lot. Heres more from the Times on why this ended up an issue for Wells GAP insurance, also known as guaranteed asset protection, makes up that difference for a lender if, for instance, a car is stolen before the loan is paid off. Regular car insurance typically covers only the current market value. Because Wells Fargo is a large auto lender, tens of thousands of customers may have been affected by the banks actions on GAP insurance. It is not mandatory for car buyers to carry GAP insurance, which typically costs 4. But car dealers push the insurance, and lenders like it because of the protection it provides. When borrowers pay off the loans early, they are entitled to a refund of some of the GAP insurance premium because the coverage they paid for is no longer needed. So not only did Wells fess up to forcing unneeded collision insurance on customersof which 2. A spokesperson for Wells told the newspaper that the issue was discovered during an internal review. We are reviewing our practices and actively working with our dealers and have already begun making improvements to the GAP refund process, the spokesperson said in a statement to the Times. If we find customer impacts, we will make customers whole. And they should. Failing to refund insurance money could wind up increasing the total amount owed by a consumer, as the Times notes, and that figure can take a whack on someones credit report. What a mess. Have a tip about Wells Fargo and its auto lending practicesReach out at ryan. The USSSA sanctions, creates, and promotes a variety of sports including softball, baseball, and basketball. Official site. Microscopic life is everywhere, but it could be dangerous for future astronauts bound for Mars. Game Name Manual NameLink Pages File Size Uploaded Thank you Blasted Blasted Parts List and Operating Manual 43 Pages 2. MB 20171020 divingbuddy Ringer. The Northland Hockey Group presents the annual Mountain Dew Blast AAA hockey tournament located in St. Cloud, MN and the Twin Cities. Roadkill features latest car videos, news, reviews, photos, articles and more about Hot Rods and Street Rods at Roadkill.