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Literary Terms and Definitions CLiterary. Terms and Definitions CThis page is under perpetual. It was last updated January 5, 2. This list is. meant to assist, not intimidate. Use it as a touchstone for. Vocabulary terms are listed alphabetically. A. Y ZCACOPHONY. Greek, bad sound The term in poetry refers. Musixmatch Premium'>Musixmatch Premium. We provide excellent essay writing service 247. Enjoy proficient essay writing and custom writing services provided by professional academic writers. After six episodes that have been incredible, infuriating, revealing, confusing, and epic, last nights Game of Thrones finale had a great many things to answer for. At this point in the story, theres nothing much that Sam can really do to fight Steve. Hes outgunned and his friends are all dead, so he does the sensible thing. Colbert is the first American TV personality to film the room since Trump allegedly made it rain in 2013. And without spoiling too much, Ill just say that the bed. It is the opposite of euphony. CADEL. Dutch cadel andor French cadeau, meaning a. A small addition or extra. Common cadels include pen drawn faces or grotesques. Examples include the faces appearing in the initial letters. Lansdowne 8. 51 manuscript of Chaucers Canterbury Tales. CADENCE. The melodic pattern just before the end of a sentence or phrase for. More generally. the natural rhythm of language depending on the position of. Cadence is a major component. A cadence. group is a coherent group of words spoken as a single rhythmical. R5dV0/U_SqzCAwUII/AAAAAAAAb5I/NrCzlWwNbl8/s1600/Capture.jpg' alt='Film Love Story In Harvard Sub Indo' title='Film Love Story In Harvard Sub Indo' />Film Love Story In Harvard Sub IndoThis webpage is for Dr. Wheelers literature students, and it offers introductory survey information concerning the literature of classical China, classical Rome. BLSY_l-H4o/hqdefault.jpg' alt='Film Love Story In Harvard Sub Indo' title='Film Love Story In Harvard Sub Indo' />CADENCE GROUP. See discussion under cadence. CAESURA. plural caesurae A pause separating phrases. Film Love Story In Harvard Sub Indo' title='Film Love Story In Harvard Sub Indo' />Film Love Story In Harvard Sub IndoTabtight professional, free when you need it, VPN service. The term caesura comes from the Latin a cutting. Some editors will indicate a caesura. Others. insert extra space in this location. Others do not indicate. CALQUE. An expression formed by individually translating parts of a. Algeo. provides the example of the English phrase trial balloon. Antenna Matching Software there. French ballon dessai Algeo. CALLIGRAPHIC. WORK In medieval manuscripts, this is as Kathleen Scott. Decorative. work, usually developing from or used to make up an important. Scott 3. 70. CANCEL. A bibliographical term referring to a leaf which is substituted. For instance. the first quarto of Shakespeares Troilus and Cressida. CANON. from Grk kanon, meaning reed or measuring. Canon has three general meanings. An approved or traditional collection of works. Originally. the term canon applied to the list of books to be included. Hebrew and Christian Bible. Click here for more. Today, literature students. In this sense. the canon denotes the entire body of literature. In addition, the word canon refers. Chaucer canon or the Shakespeare canon. Chaucers canon includes The Canterbury Tales, for instance. The Plowmans. Tale, which has been mistakenly attributed to him in the past. Likewise, the Shakespearean canon has only two apocryphal plays. Pericles and the Two Noble Kinsmen that. Shakespearean works. First Folio. NB. Do not confuse the spelling of cannon the big gun with. The issue of canonical literature. Traditionally, those works considered canonical. European male authors. Many modern critics and teachers argue that women, minorities. Western writers are left out of the literary canon unfairly. Additionally, the canon has always been determined in part by. In response. some critics suggest we do away with a canon altogether, while. CANTICLE. A hymn or religious song using words from any part of the Bible. Psalms. CANTO A sub division of an epic or narrative poem comparable to. Examples include the divisions in Dantes. Divine Comedy, Lord Byrons Childe Harold, or. Spensers Faerie Queene. Cf. fit. CANZONE. In general, the term has three meanings. It refers generally. Provenal or Italian song. More. specifically, an Italian or Provenal song relating to. Poems in English. Provenal lyrics are called. Audens unrhymed. Canzone, which uses the end words. CAPTIVITY. NARRATIVE A narrative, usually autobiographical in. Amerindian or aboriginal tribes and live among them for some. An example would be Mary Rowlandsons. A Narrative of the Captivity and Restauration of Mrs. Mary. Rowlandson, which details her Indian captivity among the. Wampanoag tribe in the late seventeenth century. Contrast with. escape. CARDINAL. VIRTUES also called the Four Pagan Virtues. In contrast to the three spiritual or Christian virtues of fides. New Testament, the four cardinal virtues. Theologians. like Saint Augustine argued Christians alone monopolized faith. God, hope of a real afterlife, and the ability to. Gods creation. However, these early theologians argued that. Roman Empire before the coming of Christianity. In Latin. terminology, pagan Rome espoused the four cardinal virtues as. The Latin four fold classification later. Saint Augustine and Saint Thomas Aquinas originates. Greek philosophy. In The Republic. Plato uses similar virtues as a way to dissect the roles different. Cf. pietas. Cf. Seven Deadly Sins. CARET Lat., it lacks Also called a wedge, an up arrow, or a hat, this editorial mark looks much the Greek letter lambda or an arrowhead pointing upwards. Here is an example. An editor will write a caret underneath a line of text to indicate that a word, letter, or punctuation mark needs insertion at the spot where the two lines converge. CARMEN Lat. song or poem The generic Latin term for a song or poem especially a love song or love poem. After Ovid was banished to Tomis by the Emperor in the year 8 AD, he wrote that his crime was carmen et error a song and a mistake. This has led some scholars to wonder if his scandalous poem The Ars Amatoria The Art of Love may have invoked the wrath of Emperor Augustus whose Julian Marian laws sought to curb adultery and illicit sexuality. CARPE. DIEM. Literally, the phrase is Latin for seize the day, from carpere. The term refers to a common moral or theme. Poetry or. literature. Examples include Marvells. To His Coy Mistress, and Herricks To the Virgins, to Make. Much of Time. Cf. Anacreontics, Roman. Stoicism, Epicureanism. CASE. The inflectional form of a noun, pronoun, or in some languages. For instance, them. Common cases. include the nominative, the accusative, the genitive, the dative. Patterns. of particular endings added to words to indicate their case. Click here for expanded information. CASTE. DIALECT A dialect spoken by specific hereditary classes. Often the use of caste dialect marks the speaker. Message Relay Game Instructions there. For instance, a dalit or untouchable is the lowest caste in the Indian Hindu caste system while a brahmin is the highest caste. Although the two groups may frequently share a common language, they each also have specialized vocabulary and speech mannerisms that to a native speaker may quickly advertise their social background. CATACHRESIS. Grk. A completely impossible figure. The results in each case are so unique that it is hard to state. It is far easier to give examples. For instance, Hamlet. Gertrude, I will speak daggers to her. A. In spite of that impossibility, readers know Shakespeare means. Hamlet will address Gertrude in a painful, contemptuous way. In pop music from the 1. Meatloaf tells a disappointed lover, There aint no Coup de Ville hiding the bottom of a crackerjack box. The image of a luxury car hidden as a prize in the bottom of a tiny cardboard candybox emphasizes how unlikely or impossible it is his hopeful lover will find such a fantastic treasure in someone as cheap, common, and unworthy as the speaker in these lyrics. Sometimes the catachresis results from stacking one impossibility. Consider these. examples There. Joe. will have kittens when he hears this I. A. man that studies revenge keeps his own wounds green. BaconI. I beg cold comfort. Shakespeare. King John 5. His. complexion is perfect gallows Shakespeare, Tempest. And. that White Sustenance Despair Dickinson The. Oriel Common Room stank of logic Cardinal NewmanO. I could lose all Father now Ben Jonson, on the death. The. voice of your eyes is deeper than all roses e. For a more recent example, consider the disturbingly cheerful pop song by Foster the People, Pumped Up Kicks, which deals with a school shooting. How to Use The Princess Bride as a Relationship Guide. Ethan Nichtern was 9 when The Princess Bride hit the big screen 3. He saw the film back then because of a family connectionNichterns father was best friends with actor Christopher Guest, aka Count Rugen, aka the Six Fingered Man. Though it did poorly at the box office, the Rob Reiner film has gone on to quotable cult classic status. And for Nichtern, a teacher in the Shambhala Buddhist tradition, it became a lifelong passion, and the basis for his new book, The Dharma of The Princess Bride What the Coolest Fairy Tale of Our Time Can Teach Us About Buddhism and Relationships. Nichtern says hes had a lot of people tell him they have no idea how to be in relationships, and look to him as though his Buddhist studies mean he knows how to do them well. His last book, The Road Home, published in 2. Buddhist path. What he hoped to do with this book is not only be transparent about his life, memoir style, and give it a recognizable cultural narrative through the film, but also un code this notion that theres a kind of expertise or mastery, when, really, I think the people who are great at this just are willing to practice. I dont argue that its a Buddhist movie, adds Nichtern, but one of the things that I think is very Buddhist about it is its a deconstruction of a kind of clichd genre, the fairytale fantasy. And so its undercutting, its poking fun at that in pretty much every way it can, but it also totally works as a fairytale Most deconstructions have a much more cynical air to them, much more apathetic or negative, like that everything we believed is kind of myth, there is no good guy, et cetera. But this is a deconstruction that really makes you think of true love. At the beach where I go in the summer, a gaggle of other mothers and their kids set up camp in theRead more ReadI would argue that The Princess Bride is an example of an optimistic deconstruction and that thats what Buddhism is, he adds. Its a deconstruction of a sort of set narrative but that leads you towards greater open mindedness or compassion and, in this case, its a deconstructive that says true love is the point of everything. In light of this, Nichtern offers ways to improve all of the important relationships in our lives through his book. As You Wish Start with YourselfThe founder of my tradition said the purpose of meditation is to make friends with yourself, says Nichtern. I updated that for the Facebook era in The Road Home and said meditation is about accepting your own friend request. It means youre actually spending time with yourself. Nichtern explains that if we dont have a process of making friends with our own mind with some aloneness such as meditation or other mindfulness practices, we are always going to be entering relationships defining our self image based on what we think other people think about us. Finding Your Inner Fezzik Focus on Friendship. Nichtern is partial to the character of Fezzik played by Andr the Giant, because he describes him as an ideal bodhisattva, which is an incredibly compassionate person in the Buddhist tradition. Fezzik throughout the film is just there to help, as a loving friend. But the other friendship component that Nichtern says is notable in The Princess Bride comes along with the Dread Pirate Roberts. Viewers think when he gets paralyzed that this will play out as a kind of libertarian Batman narrative where the lone hero has to rouse himself and win on his own, but hes actually completely incapacitated and has to rely on his wacky friends. Self reliance and self awareness are great, Nichtern says, but one tip he gives regarding building the types of friendships seen in The Princess Bride is to view time with friends as a practice. I think a lot of times, we view time with friends as the unimportant time, he says. Instead, we should view it as the same importance of any kind of spiritual or yogic practice thats helping you build a sense of trust and inspiration. Love and Mahwage Dont Forget Romance. When desire gets into the relationship, pushing it into romance status, Nichtern says one tip is to recognize that while desire can lead to all kinds of fixations control, grasping, addictive behaviors, it is an element that allows us to see beyond our own perspective. My wife is a great flirt. With me, with her friends, with an audience. She knows that flirtationRead more ReadIf were going to enter the arena of romance or sexuality or partnership, we need to really make friends with desire and not vilify it, to treat desire like a high maintenance plant, Nichtern explains. So, it is a friend, but its a friend we need to be careful with and aware of. As he writes in his book, Anyone who has ever gotten their Buttercup knows that the Buttercup you pursue is never the Buttercup you end up with, because your point of reference continually shifts as you dance with desire. Fred Savage Is a Jerk and I Am Fred Savage Focus on Family. Nichtern tells us, I really love this quote by Chgyam Trungpa Its possible you could be enlightened everywhere, except around your family. Nichten thinks that The Princess Brides story transmission in other words, the grandfather reading this story to his grandson shows how we can develop gratitude for our life story as we receive it and develop gratitude for our lineage before we try to get into the more painful places, cause chances are theres gonna be a fair amount of painful places. The realization that family is the most important, and often the hardest, could really, to use a maybe overused term these days, trigger reactions that are shockingly strong.