Formula 1 2011 Pc Game

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Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 for PC Reviews. Campaign is okay. If I was basing my review on the campaign alone, maybe Id give a 51. Modern Warfares. Now for the thing that everyone gets this game for the multiplayer. Matchmaking Its garbage. Rookie players gets matched versus veteran players. Game MVPs are all on one team, while all of those who went negative are on the other. I tryed it wo the fixes, updates and cracks and after each thing was added I checked to see if the game worked and certain things would work after each one. PC Configuration MOTHERBOARD. AsusTeK Maximus III Formula CPU. GHz GPU 1. Formula 1 2011 Pc GameYou quit or get kicked from a game, and the matchmaking puts you right back in the same freaking game. Its embarrassing. The Descent Part 2 Ita Music. Oh yeah, also this game puts you into losing games where they LITERALLY JUST ENDED. Formula 1 2011 Pc Game' title='Formula 1 2011 Pc Game' />Not even an exaggeration. You enter a game and the other team had already scored the last kill or are about to. No option to disable this either. And yes, it adds to your losses. Fair, right You played for ZERO and it counts as a loss for you. Balance What balanceGo akimbo SMGs or auto shotguns and youre set. Very little incentive to use more obscure weapons like 3 burst assault rifles or pistols. Just choose the fastest firing gun, spray and pray, profit. MvrumCz4Kvk/hqdefault.jpg' alt='Formula 1 2011 Pc Game' title='Formula 1 2011 Pc Game' />Hit detection Its a freaking joke. The game signals via audio cues that you shoot a guy 5 times. Or hes completely covered your reticle, you unload an entire magazine into him, yet the killcam shows that zero of those hits made contact. Or the killcam DOES show like 3 bullets hit, yet hes still alive. What the hell is that crap I swear if even half of the shots registered, my KD would not be negative right now. Yeah, also, apparently my enemies can shoot through solid texture to get the last bullet in. Not only can they shoot around corners, but apparently only one bullet needs to graze you in order to kill you. Sure,it shows on the killcam it shows he landed like 4 shots, but on YOUR cam, the one that actually matters, you get hit once and die. Its like you just drop dead just because. I can understand firing from the hip will be inaccurate. But who in hell programs it so that pointing a sniper rifle right at an enemy and firing at him at POINT BLANK RANGE will missWhat, does the bullet make a 4. Spawn kills They happen. Not always, but often enough. Its a very frequent occurrence that you spawn RIGHT NEXT to an enemy. Not only that, you can spawn right into the sights of an enemy weapon. Im not talking about using tactical insertions where you choose where to spawn. I mean random spawns where I guess the computer determines where you spawn before you even die. At least in Halo Reach, you spawn guaranteed in a location farthest away from enemies. Nope. Infinity Ward doesnt even do that right. Just spawn randomly and to hell with strategic location. Right in the enemies sights Dont care. Map design I do not have the DLC maps, so this is only for the default maps. Half are okay, but the other half are just garbage urban maps. The most annoying thing is that there is so much s around to impede your movement. Theres a can on the ground You either have to jump over it or walk around it. Cant walk OVER it. Nope. Thats just too obvious. Or the developers just randomly tossed crates, debris, and other garbage just to make movement a chore. Balzert Lehrbuch Der Softwaretechnik Pdf Printer. Its also a common occurrence that you get stuck on a protrusion on a wall. Youd expect that you can just hug the wall nice and easily. But, nope, theres a door frame hanging out from it Youre getting stuck unless you walk away from it. Like really 5 of your width gets blocked by a small protrusion so your entire body gets hampered Is it a damn joke Functionality This is the one thing that you absolutely need to get right when making any game making sure the game works as intended. That, and being able to play the game the only thing saving my review from being a zero. There is a perk that supposedly makes you invisible to enemy air strikes, drones, etc. Why is it that when I use it, I still see myself as a highlighted target on the enemy POV Your game must work, IWYOUR GAME. MUST. WORK Personal gripe My favourite gun is the Type 9. West as the QBZ 9. It is reduced to a 3 burst rifle. Using a 3 burst rifle is suicide in this game. Why did they do thisBecause its a Chinese rifle, so they must make it as sy as possible This is, what, like the 8th game in the seriesHow do you make a barely functional game after so many years of experience How dare you continue to exist as a company and how dare the community continue to support this crummy developer even to today. Call Of Duty Cnet. My only consolation is people are getting tired of the FPS scene and their newest games are only getting average reviews, at least critic wise.