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Abbotwares of Los Angeles produced ten different varieties of an Art Deco, horse themed radio. They are quite rare and very hard to find in such pristine condition. It still has the original patina, dark brown and copper just like the factory produced them. So many of these radios have had the patina polished away, missing the reins or the saddle. Blake has replaced all of the paper capacitors, tested and replaced bad resistors and checked all of the tubes. He performed a proper alignment, making this little five tube, AM only radio play like new. A very cool gift for that horse lover, or man cave. H x 1. 2 14W x 5 14D. Abbotwares Z4. 77 1. FREE DOMESTIC SHIPPING   Here is another one of a kind radio designThis Abbotwares Horse with Saddle is seldom seen, and when found is usually missing its saddle. Ive seen five or six in my 4. Ive owned. It came from the estate of a Doctor in Auburn, Maine, who collected only the best of each radio. This is easily the best Ive seen. The electrolytic capacitors were recently replaced by my Tech Friend Tom, and he put an onoff switch on the cord as the one on the volume control was not working. The radio plays well. H x 1. 1 12W x 4 12D. ABCs of Lasers Masers   Written by Allan Lytel. A Thomas Sams Photofact publication, first edition, first printing 1. This book explains the uses of Lasers and Masers and their applications. Masers in their fundamental action are completely different then vacuum tubes or transistors, while electronics abound with many new techniques and applications, most of these are modifications of pre existing knowledge and do not represent revolutionary ideas. The Maser is an entirely new concept. Noise Free amplifiers and ultra stable signal sources are just two Maser applications. A special type of Maser, called the Laser, is a light amplifier and source of coherent light it is a spectacular by product and the first ever produced by man. Acceptability of Printed Wiring Boards   By IPC A 6. A, Institute Of Printed Circuits September 1. Revised. This publication is a compilation of visual Quality Acceptability Guidelines for Printed Wiring Boards prepared by the Reparability and Acceptability Committee of Institute of Printed Circuits. The pictures in this guide were made to portray certain specific points noted in the title of each page withe a brief description adjacent to each picture. Acratone Federated Purchasers Radio   This set plays broadcast AM and Police band. Very attractive lighted dial. Addison 5. 5 1. 94. ON SALE   Collectors associate Addison with the stunning line of highly prized and expensive Catalin radios produced by this Canadian maker. This seldom found plastic model is cute as a button with a crisp dial and gorgeous marbleized knobs. Its also rather unique because the entire cabinet is a single molded piece sitting on top of the metal chassis. That allowed the designers to carve a convenient carry handle into the back and eliminate the usual flimsy cardboard back. Oddly, this radio has no dial lamp for illuminating the dial at nighttime. This radio weighs 6 pounds and measures 1. W x 6 34H x 8D. Was 1. Admiral 5. S2. 1A 1. Bp95Q58P/1032610w.jpg' alt='Marantz Sr 50L Manual Software' title='Marantz Sr 50L Manual Software' />This is a nice 1. Admiral Bakelite radio that is all original. The chassis has been gone through. When turned on it plays and sounds good. No cracks or scratches. Please look at the photo, email me with any questions. SR7300/L_SR7300_D.png' alt='Marantz Sr 50L Manual Software' title='Marantz Sr 50L Manual Software' />Marantz Sr 50L Manual  SoftwareW x 6 12H x 5 14D. Admiral Radio and Phonograph Model and Chassis Index   This Model Chassis index S1. Admiral Radio and phonograph model chassis prefixed by the letter Y that were introduced during the years 1. July 1. 96. 7. 7. Admiral Y2. 06. 7  SOLD   Great radio, nice shape with no cracks or chips or dents or hairlines. Just a few scratches here and there. The radio only emits static, usually indicative of needing a re cap. Includes the leather case in amazing condition plus the earphone. Admiral Y2. 06. 8  SOLD   Beautiful Green radio. Works well, loud and clear on most stations but not all the way across the dial. No cracks or chips or dents or hairlines and minimal scratches. Interestingly, only very small 9 volt batteries fit in this beauty. Ive included one that works to keep it simple. The box is in decent shape, insert is in poor shape but holds the leather cases nice shape in there. Admiral Y2. 51. 3GP   I dont know why they put an antenna on this as it has the typical ferrite antenna inside. Regardless, its unusual. Radio picks up static but thats all. Its really clean with no cracks or chips or hairlines. Grille has a super hard to notice dimple but its almost not worth mentioning to be honest. Admiral YG7. 03   This is a very basic, but clean example from the early 1. Bottom label is missing, so determining the model number required some research. One tiny chip can be seen in the photos. A four tube superheterodyne, it has reasonable sensitivity, and would be a perfect ballgame or newstalk radio for a kitchen, workshop, or garage. The four tube design might have only marginal performance in a basement unless you are in an area with good signal strength. There is no provision for an external antenna. It has been fully serviced new capacitors, resistors checked, tubes tested and replaced as necessary, and aligned. Admiral YG7. 74 Clock Radio 1. Original finish. Color is actually pale pink. No scratches or cracks. Marks on the gold area on top are part of the design not scratches. Electronics restored filter caps replaced. AC plug marked for polarized input. Reception is good. Advent 4. 00 FM Radio   This is the high quality Advent FM radio with extension speaker. This is a great sounding compact 7. Its super clean and ready to display and play. Please add 3. 8 for domestic shipping. Airline 0. 4BR 5. A 1. 94. 0   Five tube AM radio from 1. Cabinet on this very small radio is in excellent condition. Dial scale has been replaced along with capacitors, weak tubes and the power cord. Nice sound. 8W x 5 12H x 4 12D. Airline 1. 4WG 5. ON SALE   This beautiful Montgomery Wards Airline radio has a very stylish and glossy brown Bakelite finish with an amazing gold dial. The chassis has been properly restored with a new power cord. It plays just as great as it looks. This radio weighs 6 pounds and measures 1. W x 7H x 6 14D. Was 1. Airline 1. 5GCB 1. This Airline from the 1. It almost looks like newVery stylish post War radio made for Montgomery Wards. A lot of these were sold in the suburbs of the Northeast. Add 2. 8 for domestic shipping. Airline 6. 2 8. 9 Console   This cabinet is loaded with lots of burled walnut veneers. There are separate dial windows for tone and volume, plus it has a tuning strength indicator window at the top. The sound from this babys Jensen speaker is awesome Strong and clean. Doors close to protect to the dial and grille area. Airline 6. 2 9. 7 Tombstone   Plays local AM stations with a long wire antenna. All electrolytic and wax capacitors have been replaced. Tubes were checked replaced if required. Has a new power cord. The dial face plate has been replaced by previous owner. So dial pointer is a little dim.