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Rapid Php 2008 GmcHow to redirect browser to https ssl in php. Most of the e commerce website uses payment gateway for online payment. And, those sites uses SSL secure socket layer connection to transfer data to and from the payment gateway. In the common scenario, most of the sites uses http protocol and you can see http in the browsers address bar. But in the above scenario,we need to redirect the browser to https which means that Hypertext Transfer Protocol over Secure Socket Layer. Ok lets see a real example, type http www. SSL protocal. How to redirect the browser to https when site is using http protocal in PHP First of all, you should know that SSL must be installed in the server. Posted August 19, 2008, 945am Samuel Issacharoff The Florida experience also shows that changing the fee rules is a significant alteration of the. We are using 12. 1. Ours is a 64 bit OsWindows 2008 Server with 64 bit applicationDataservices 12. Tehran Bus Rapid Transit was officially inaugurated in 2008 in order to facilitate the motor traffic in Tehran. As at 2011 the bus rapid transit BRT system had a. Rapid Php 2008' title='Rapid Php 2008' />To redirect the browser to https, we must know that the site is using SSL or not at the moment. And for this, there is a server variable in PHP called HTTPS. SERVERHTTPS returns on values when the site is using SSL connection. Function to redirect the browser to https in PHPfunction redirect. To. HTTPS. ifSERVERHTTPSon. SERVERHTTPHOST. SERVERREQUESTURI. Php Code To Convert Html To Pdf. Location redirect. Above function is quite simple, you can call the function in that page where youve to redirect the browser to https. This function will preserver you script file name and query string in browser. Redirecting whole website to https using. You can call the above function in each and every page to redirect the browser to https. But rather than doing so it will be better to write three line of code in. Full Version S Mahjong here. SSL connection throughout the pages. Rewrite. Engine On. Rewrite. Cond HTTPS Rewrite. Rule. https HTTPHOSTREQUESTURI. Just copy and paste the above code in. The browser just get redirected using url rewriting in. Lexmark Z515 Printer Driver.