Research Papers On Antioxidant Activity Of Ascorbic Acid

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Encarna_Aguayo/publication/50863519/figure/fig6/AS:305907842994181@1449945521346/Fig-7-Antioxidant-activity-FRAP-as-ascorbic-acid-of-fresh-cut-apple-dipped-into-0-2.png' alt='Research Papers On Antioxidant Activity Of Ascorbic Acid' title='Research Papers On Antioxidant Activity Of Ascorbic Acid' />L Ascorbic acid 9. Sigma Aldrich. Packaging. Biochemphysiol Actions. Ascorbic Acid, also known as Vitamin C, is a six carbon lactone produced by plants and some animal species but not by humans and other primates. Ascorbic acid functions as an enzymatic cofactor for multiple enzymes, serving as an electron donor for monooxygenases and dioxygenases. Algebra Functions Calculator. Ascorbic acid also functions as a powerful antioxidant, particularly in regards to reactive oxygen species. Effect of dehydration methods on retention of carotenoids, tocopherols, ascorbic acid and antioxidant activity in Moringa oleifera leaves and preparation of a RTE product. Antioxidant metabolite Solubility Concentration in human serum M Concentration in liver tissue molkg Ascorbic acid Water 50 60 260 human Glutathione. SigmaAldrich offers SigmaAldrichA92902, LAscorbic acid for your research needs. Find product specific information including CAS, MSDS, protocols and references.