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News ticker web part in SharePoint 2013 combines jQuery and vTicker plugin for jQuery to provide a perfect news announcement ticker for SharePoint Intranet. Summary Learn about the tested performance and capacity limits of SharePoint Server 2013 and how limits relate to acceptable performance. April 8, 2017. Guideline to hardening your SharePoint 2013 against HPE WebInspect. I previously posted on how to create a simple people directory for SharePoint 2010. The process is slightly different in SharePoint 2013 due to the substantial. Confluence vs. Sharepoint Process Street. Collaboration is the name of the game today. As more and more of our workflows move to the cloud, businesses need tools that let teams share information, communicate, and manage projects together quickly and intuitively. New startups are popping up to fill this need all the time, which is why the market for cloud collaboration software is expected to grow from 1. Sharepoint 2013 Intranet Template' title='Sharepoint 2013 Intranet Template' />But, at the medium business to enterprise level, the companies making two of the most popular products are old mainstays of tech Atlassian and Microsoft. Free Digital Binder Software. Atlassians Confluence and Microsoft Sharepoint both empower companies to set up an intranet. Think of an intranet as a private version of the internet your company uses to collaborate. But beyond that, the two products are very different in size, scope, and capabilities. Lets dive into these two productsConfluence vs Sharepointand figure out which one is right for your team. Confluence Overview. Confluences core functionality is the ability to create corporate wikis. Ever used Wikipedia before If so, then youre well on your way to getting how it works. With Confluence, you can give each of your teams their own space inside the app. Think of it as their section of the wider wiki database. Within those spaces, users can create pages they and their teammates can edit, upload files to, and manage projects from. There are several possible use cases Teams can create pages for technical documentation they often refer back to. They could write that information out inside a page or upload the relevant documents, which would then display in Confluence. Users could then comment on and discuss specific documents as well. Lots of companies use Confluence to set up internal company blogs. Thats a great way to share meeting notes and other strategic documents, which allows teams to work more transparently. Teams also use Confluence for project management. You can create a page for any project, list out all the required tasks, and assign them to team members. From there, people can use the page to collaborate and share their progress. Confluence can also integrate with other Atlassian products. You can pair it with Atlassians team chat app, Hip. Chat, to enable your teams to message in realtime within confluence. Or, you could pair it with Atlassians software project tool JIRA, giving engineers the ability to track bugs in their projects from Confluence. Pricing. Confluences monthly pricing with cloud hosting by Atlassian. The first important thing to note is that while pricing is based on team size, it doesnt rise incrementally with each user. After the configuration wizard is complete, you see the Template Selection page of the new SharePoint site. On this page, select the Developer Site template. We examined Confluence vs. Sharepoint two tools that let teams share information, communicate, and manage projects together. Which should you choose Learn how to create an image rendition, how to add it to a page, and how to crop it. An image rendition defines the dimensions that are used to display images in. Dock_Landing_Page.png' alt='Sharepoint 2013 Intranet Template' title='Sharepoint 2013 Intranet Template' />Rather, it remains stable until you hit the next threshold of users. That means pricing can suddenly increase overnight if youre not careful. The pricing tiers are also different if you choose to host Confluence on your own servers rather than in the cloud. Under that plan, most teams pay a one time fee, ranging from 1. Enterprise teams who want to host themselves can also buy an expanded plan that charges 1. Also keep in mind that add ons arent priced consistently. For instance, Atlassian will throw in its team chat app, Hip. Chat, for free when you buy Confluence. But its Team Calendars feature, which on the face of it sounds like it could be even more essential than Hip. Chat, costs more per month depending on the number of users. Some customers are sure to be put off by having to pay more for whats arguably a core functionality. Pros and Cons. Confluence does its primary jobcollaborative Wikis for documentation and project managementvery well. And perhaps most importantly, it makes the job easy for team members of any technical capacity. Theres a great article by Ari Bakker out there that shows how to set up a simple a Employee Directory on SharePoint 2013 How to Create a Simple SharePoint 2013. Users have several templates to choose from to set up pages and uploading documents is simple. Great usability is a must have if you want big teams to embrace enterprise software. The main con is the pricing. Its not that its too expensive, but the possibility of an unexpected price increase is sure to put off a lot of companies. Early startup teams especially need to be aware. Theyre typically small but growing quickly, which means theyre in prime position to quickly surpass the user thresholds at the low end of the plan, right at the time they need to keep costs down. Sharepoint Overview. If Confluence is one product, then Sharepoint is a whole platform. Similar to Confluences wikis, Sharepoint lets users set up sites for teams to work together. But the customization is much more powerful on Sharepoint, to the point that several organizations use it to create robust public facing sites. Another area Sharepoint bests Confluence is in document collaboration, but only if you have the rest of the Microsoft Office Suite. If you do, team members can edit documents in the cloud on Word, Powerpoint, and Excel at the same time. If you have enough dataannouncements, project tasks, documents, whateverin Sharepoint, it also becomes a powerful data warehouse. Sharepoints list feature makes everything that goes in Sharepoint searchable, though user feedback is mixed on how well the search function actually works. Sheet Metal Nesting Program there. Finally, there are more than a thousand third party add ons available that can give Sharepoint even more functionalities. Pricing. Sharepoint has three pricing tiers. But lets assume you go with the Office 3. Having the other Microsoft Office Suite apps is crucial to unlocking Sharepoints full document collaboration power. At 2. 0 per user per month, Sharepoint costs a lot more than Confluence. But youre also getting a spreadsheet app, word processor, email client, and more in the Office package. Its also worth noting that many customers turn to Sharepoint because theyve already bought the Office package for better known programs like Word and Excel. If your company uses those apps, check your next bill from Microsoft. You might already be paying for Sharepoint. Pros and Cons. Sharepoint does more than Confluence. All those features mean it can be practically whatever you want it to be. When combined with the rest of Microsoft Offices apps, you theoretically have almost every tool your business could need. The key word there is theoretically. In reality, lots of users have found that Sharepoint doesnt quite live up to its reputation as a do it all software. In fact, only 1. 1 of surveyed Sharepoint users said they had ever successfully completed a project in the app. Why is it so hard for users to get value from Sharepoint It all comes back to usability. It can be difficult for Sharepoint users to properly tag documents and get them in the right folders, making them hard to find later. That problem only compounds the more people you have on the platform, which makes it a questionable solution for large or growing teams. Other seemingly simple tasks are tough with Sharepoint too. David Lavenda, who runs marketing for a Sharepoint integration software, says that even to send a document link to somebody else is a nine step process. Difficulties like that make it hard for teamsespecially ones with a range in technical skillsto adopt a product. The Winner of Confluence vs Sharepoint Confluence. Confluence wins in the battle of Confluence vs Sharepoint because of its usability, intuitive design, and focus on making its core feature as accessible as possible. If you want a simple workflow tool for collaborating, sharing files, and setting up a basic intranet, it has everything you need.